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about us / mission statement


Remedies From Nature was created as an avenue to bring you quality, affordable, nature-based products, both for skin care and healing.  In 2004, at the urging of my father, Lacy Harrington, a home-based business with the idea of selling shea butter, among other things, was formulated.  Creative juices began to flow, thus, allowing me to perfect my signature product, hand-whipped shea butter,  which became a great success.  I then began to branch out into the world of natural healing by way of essential oils and herbs, and hand-crafted soaps.  After delving into the subject of natural healing, I began to marvel at God's wonderful attentiveness to our every need.  The advent of these products become such a hit for those seeking quality, nature-based, healing products.   It is my desire to become a one-stop shop for those seeking herbal healing and maintenance of your body, mind and spirit.  Keeping the Creator at the helm is what has kept the business successful.  In addition, I strive to ensure that every product is given my complete and detailed attention as I lovingly create each item with you in mind.  Every product is created with love and respect for the remedies nature has given us.  Lacy Harrington has since transitioned but his memory is what continues to encourage me.  Thus, I will continue to create naturally!


Mission Statement  

We're committed to educating people on how to practice safe, effective herbalism. We believe that our work can inspire more love for plants and respect for Nature and that it will improve the health, happiness and harmony of the Earth and all of its people.


We are nurtures.  We are healers.  We are creators.  We are innovators.  We bring you remedies from yesteryears.  We are Remedies From Nature.

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