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Agrimony-Resolves kidney and bladder ailments. Relieves liver congestion. Reduces sympathetic dominance.  

Angelica-Helps the body recover from illness. Restores reproductive wellness.  Restores digestive wellness.

Balsam Fir-Heals respiratory and throat ailments.  Clears cystitis and intestinal inflammation. Helps one give up smoking. Relieves external pain.

Balsam Poplar-Treats skin conditions.  Moistens respiratory system and lower intestines.  Supports kidney and bladder elimination.  Relieves rheumatism and gout. 

Bayberry-Frees system from obstructions and toxins.  Warms the body. Improves reproductive health. Stimulates lymphatic system. Treats canker sores.

Bearberry-Creates antiseptic and diuretic action. Tones the bladder and helps dissolve kidney stones. Regulates labor contractions.

Bistort-Stops bleeding through astringent action. Alleviates toxins from the body.

Blackberry-Aids digestion.  Soothes sore throats.

Black Cohosh-Supports hormone function in menopause. Enhances sense of well-being.  Relieves anxiety and muscle tension.  Relieves rheumatism and inflammatory pain. Provides emunctory system support. 

Black Haw-Promotes and calms tension. Eases menstrual symptoms. Relaxes the nervous system.

Black Walnut-Detoxifies colon and body. Fights bacterial, parasitic, and fungal infections. Treats hypothyroidism and goiter. 

Blessed Thistle-Assists in breast milk production. Tonifies liver and cleanses the blood. Detoxifies skin. 

Bloodroot-Treats cervical dysplasia.  Stimulates and warms organs. 

Blue Flag-Opens secretory pathways.  Stimulates liver.  Helps clear skin eruptions. Tones the endocrine system. 

Blue Vervain-Disperses tension.  Eases hot flashes and PMS. Improves milk flow.

Bogbean-Supports lymphatic system. Relieves shingles. Cleanses and tones liver and gallbladder. Regulates female hormones.  Alleviates lung problems.

Boneset-Breaks fevers. May help heal broken bones. 

Borage-Nourishes endocrine and central nervous systems. Soothes respiratory issues.

Buckthorn-Facilitates elimination. Helps to stop bleeding and rid warts.  Soothes mouth and scalp irritations. 

Bugleweed-Calms racing heart. Reduces thyroid hormone output. 

Burdock-Supports and tones the liver. Cleanses the blood. Clears skin outbreaks. Improves liver and gallbladder function.

Calamus-Restores the throat and voice. Improves cognitive function. Supports the gastrointestinal tract.

Cedar-Dissolves phlegm. Stimulates uterus. Slows cancer growth. Treats warts and fungal infections.

Centaury-Aids the digestion. Tonifies the body. 

Chaga-Lowers cholesterol, balances blood sugar. Provides antioxidants. Stimulates the immune system. 

Chaparral-Detoxifies the body. Rebuilds damaged tissue. Tones bladder and kidneys. Helps heal wounds.

Chickweed-Heals wounds. Support respiratory system. Reduces internal bleeding and inflammation. Supports kidneys.

Chicory-Optimizes digestive process. Supports bile production.

Cleavers-Tones and decongests lymph nodes.  Supports kidneys and bladder. 

Couch Grass-Supports kidneys and bladder. Controls blood sugar. 

Cowslip-Eases anxiety and tension held in the body. Relieves headaches. Improves the skin. Promotes calm.

Cranesbill-Helps restrain excessive discharges. Gently controls diarrhea. Reduces sings of aging in the skin. 

Culver's Root-Reduces congestion in liver and gallbladder.

Echinacea-Purifies blood. Reduces infection. Stimulates digestion. Stimulates immune system. Increases white blood cells. 

Elder-A complete medicine chest. Supports immune system. Supports respiratory system. 

Elecampane-Rehabilitates lungs. Cleans the liver and bowels. Supports the lymph system. 

False Unicorn-Tones female reproductive organs. Prevents miscarriage. Stimulates digestion. 

Fennel-Aids digestion. Calms coughs. 

Gentian-improves digestion. Stimulates endocrine system. 


Goat's Rue-Stimulates breast milk flow.  Reduces blood sugar levels.

Goldenrod-Heals the bladder. Soothes allergies.

Grand Cactus-Restores the heart.  Relieves chest and breath restriction. 

Gravel Root-Relieves kidney and bladder stones. Dissolves toxic mineral buildup. Helps prevent miscarriage. 

Greater Celandine-Detoxifies liver and gallbladder.  Eliminates skin problems. 

Hawthorn-Improves heart and cardiovascular system performance. Treats diarrhea. Relieves anxiety.

Hops-Calms and relaxes nerves and organs. Supports stomach. Reduces pain. Supports healthy male reproductive issues. 

Horehound-Soothes coughs and sore throats. Helps expel phlegm.  Contributes to cancerous cell death. 

Horny Goat Weed-Boosts libido. Strengthens bladder and kidney function. 

Horse Chestnut-Improves vein health. Relieves hemorrhoids. Mineralizes teeth.


Hydrangea-Supports bladder and kidney function. Relieves prostate inflammation. Helps heal eczema. 


Jamaican Dogwood-Relieves tension. Supports the nervous system. Helps with nerve pain. 


Juniper-Stimulates kidneys and bladder. Stimulates mucous membranes. Strengthens brain. Fights tumors.  

Lady's Slipper-Supports women's reproductive health. Supports nervous system. Relieves pain. 

Larch-Improves digestion and strengthens immune system. Helps reduce tumor cells. Helps heal ear infections.

Lemon Balm-Calms the nerves. Helps reduce fevers. Antiviral.  Can reduce infectivity of a variety of viruses, including herpes simplex virus (HSV) and HIV-1, the AIDS virus. May normalize high or low thyroid hormone levels. 

Licorice-Soothes mucous membranes. Stimulates the adrenal glands. 

Linden-Calms central nervous system. Reduces heart tension. Cools physically and emotionally. 

Lobelia-Relaxes the body. Increases blood circulation. Relieves constricted lungs. Purifies the stomach. 

Lovage-Stimulates bodily functions.   Warms the body.

Lungwort-Reduces irritation. Supports lungs and improves sinusitis. Supports antioxidants. 

Maitake-Activates cells that attack cancer.  Boosts immune function. 

Mistletoe-Reduces convulsions, improves circulation. Regulates heartbeat. Relaxes pelvic muscle spasms. 

Motherwort-Calms the sympathetic nervous system. Calms the heart. Stimulates uterus. Reduces fever. Suppresses placenta. 

Mullein-Brings moisture to respiratory tract.  Indicated for constriction or tightness in the lings or throat, making it useful for treating asthma.  Relieves earache. Calms irritated nerves.  Helps lubricate connective tissues.

Nettle-Supplies multitude of nutrients and proteins.  Tonifies the body. Relieves allergy symptoms. Relieves inflammatory pain.  Supports and heals the nerves and surrounding tissues. Stimulates and supports thyroid, kidneys, prostate, scalp. 

Oatstraw-Strengthens tissues and nerves. Calms and relaxes the system. Reduces skin irritation and inflammation. 

Oregon Grape-Improves digestion. Purifies blood.  Fortifies skin tissue. Helps with elimination issues.

Pennyroyal-Initiates menses.  Soothes stomach. Reduces fevers. 

Plantain-Draws out toxins. Soothes respiratory tract. Helps heal infections.  Recommended for issues with the mouth.

Poplar-Supports the bladder.  Relaxes the body.  Heals woulds, reduces fever, and eases headaches. 

Purple Loosestrife-Helps clear dysentery and diarrhea.  Reduces and heals inflammatory bowel disorders.   Helpful for Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and other bowel inflammatory disorders. Improves kidney and bladder function. Improves vision.  

Queen of the Meadow-Relieves pain, fever, and inflammation. Helps release toxins, relieves gout. Eases diarrhea. 

Raspberry-Tones the uterus. Tones stomach and intestinal lining. Good choice if ulcers or inflammatory pockets are present. Typically such conditions are paired with a reduction in tone of the intestinal wall, allowing for increased flare-ups of Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, or diverticulitis. Eases constipation. Supports mucous membranes, 

Raouwolfia-Lowers blood pressure. Relaxes the body for sleep.  Calms agitation. 

Red Clover-Purifies blood. Purges lymphatic congestion. Improves cognitive function. 

Red Root-Supports spleen. Cools and constricts blood vessels. 

Reishi-Strengthens the immune response. Strengthens adrenal system. 

Rosemary-Supports heart and cardiovascular system.  Balances blood sugar. Helps warm the body.  Stimulates hair follicles. 

Sage-Balances bodily fluids. Supports gums, mouth, and throat. Dissolves blood clots. Calms anxiety. 

Schizandra-Supports adrenal glands. Helps promote sleep.  Protects the liver. 

Self Heal-Reduces mouth and throat problems. Soothes wounds. Treats animal bits. Cleanses the blood.

Shiitake-General cure-all. Lowers cholesterol.  Slows or stops tumor growth. 

Skunk Cabbage-Reduces lung congestion and coughs.  Heals ringworm. Reduces pain.

Solomon's Seal-Supports tendons and ligaments.  Helps heal uterine and bladder prolapse. Balances heart rhythm. Moistens dry conditions. 

Sorrel-Treats cancer. Relieves hot conditions. Relieves skin afflictions (boils, carbuncles, ringworm). Treats jaundice. 

Squaw Vine-Supports uterus and pregnancy. Improves conception success. Eases labor. Tones bladder. Resolves diarrhea. Soothes eyes.

St. John's Wort-Soothes nerves. Detoxifies and strengthens organs. Heals woulds. Improves disposition.

Sumach-Tones the bowels. Regulates blood sugar. Aids with organ prolapse.

Sweet Violet- Reduces swellings and tumors.  Promotes elimination, makes it good for children. Moistens dry conditions.  Calms the nerves.

Thyme-Soothes respiratory tract and throat. Calms and relaxes.  Fights infection. 

Tormentil-Tones tissues and provides astringent action. Inhibits excessive bleeding and infection. Relaxes and clears passageways. 

Usnea-Fights infections. Fights viruses. 

White Oak-Tones lax and deficient conditions. Stops hemorrhaging or bleeding.

Wild Carrot-Helps eliminate bladder and kidney stones.  Eases lower back pain.  Reduces edema and restores bladder. Stimulates digestion. Inhibits progesterone production and prevents egg implantation. 

Wild Cherry-Sedates and cools tissues.  Treats wounds and irritations. Calms the heart. Stimulates appetite. Relieves coughs. 

Wild Yam-Mimics progesterone.  Relaxes nerves and muscles. Kills fungus. 

Wood Betony-Relieves irritability and stress. Clears the head. Stimulates digestion.  

Wormwood-Relaxes and stimulates digestion. Eases pain. Calms tension. Helps with gastrointestinal infections. 

Yarrow-Fights infections. Reduces serum lipids.  Improves intestinal health. Supports blood circulation. Induces sweating., especially when needed due to the flu.

Yellow Dock-Supports liver and lymphatic function.  Assists with mineral absorption. Decreases digestive fire. 


FDA Disclaimer: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.

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